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We have now formed a Beekeeeping club. We now have four hives sited at Banwell Castle, and our expert Beekeeper - Chris would be pleased to hear from any member who would like to join us.

This club has been formed by many likeminded individuals who share a passion for the craft of beekeeping. 
The aim of the club is to promote the best beekeeping practices and to encourage and assist members to take up this craft,
whilst striving to educate members of the public with regards to the importance of protecting honeybees for the future of our

We would like to hear from any member who would like to join us. 

*  Latest update:- 

Apiary Club  (More bzzzzzzes fom the Bees!)

What is interesting to note are the number of things that our Moose Bee Whisperer need to accomplish during the next month or two  Here are just a few of the items  that are on my agenda to do and check so that our hives are in good order.

1.   Swarming should be over by early July, allowing the colony to concentrate on collecting nectar.

2.  Set up wasp traps a few metres from our hives (jam jars containing water and a spoonful of jam work well).

3.   Honey can be harvested in early August allowing the bees to keep what more they make for themselves.

4,  After the honey has been harvested, remove the queen excluder, and put a crown board below any supers that we are leaving on to be cleaned out.

5.   Treat the brood box for varroa (Varroa are mites which feed off the blood of Bees and larvae)

6,   Record the varroa drop in the following two weeks so that I know how badly our colonies are infested.

7.  In early August, reduce the size of the entrance so the diminishing colony can defend itself against wasps.


 One item, which you may have read about in the National Newspapers, is the increase of stolen Beehives and their Bee colonies.  Fortunately where our four hives are kept, the location is not easy to get find and I am pleased to say that it is guarded by fierce peacocks and vicious peahens!!!!!!

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