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We have now formed a Beekeeeping club. We now have four hives sited at Banwell Castle, and our expert Beekeeper - Chris Harris would be pleased to hear from any member who would like to join us.

This club has been formed by many likeminded individuals who share a passion for the craft of beekeeping. 
The aim of the club is to promote the best beekeeping practices and to encourage and assist members to take up this craft,
whilst striving to educate members of the public with regards to the importance of protecting honeybees for the future of our

We would like to hear from any member who would like to join us. 

*  Latest update:- 

Apiary Club    (Another Buzz from the Bees)

     In winter, the Queen will stop laying eggs, so numbers in the hive will be reduced by deaths due to old age, but the bees don't hibernate. In spring, the queen will start laying again and the numbers increase.

     Honeybees have a very interesting method of winter survival. Honeybees stop flying when the weather drops below 50 degrees.  When the temperature drops below that, the bees all crowd into the lower central area of the hive and form a "winter cluster." The worker bees huddle around the Queen bee at the centre of the cluster, shivering in order to keep the centre around 80 degrees.  The worker bees rotate through the cluster from the outside to the inside so that no bee gets too cold. The outside edges of the cluster stay at about 46-48 degrees. The colder the weather is outside, the more compact the cluster becomes.

     On warmer days, bees will venture out for short flights to eliminate body waste. The flights do not last long nor do the bees travel very far because if their body gets too cold they might not be able to return to the hive. 
      To all my readers, I would like you wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

The Bee Whisperer!


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