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We have now formed a Beekeeeping club. We now have four hives sited at Banwell Castle, and our expert Beekeeper - Chris would be pleased to hear from any member who would like to join us.

This club has been formed by many likeminded individuals who share a passion for the craft of beekeeping. 
The aim of the club is to promote the best beekeeping practices and to encourage and assist members to take up this craft,
whilst striving to educate members of the public with regards to the importance of protecting honeybees for the future of our

We would like to hear from any member who would like to join us. 

*  Latest update:- 

Apiary Club  (More bzzzzzzes fom the Bees!)

If we find that the hives are low on honey going into winter, then March is the month they may starve out. They have probably moved all the way up in the hive and their overall population is very low due to normal die-outs throughout the winter. The bees are going to be flying more in March, and they will find pollen as the month passes. The Queen will start laying at near full capacity in mid-March. The  hives will begin to return to an almost normal operation now that winter is almost over. There will be cold snaps, but the bees will do fine as they begin to expand.  Their need for food will rapidly increase.  March is when many hives are lost due to starvation so what we need to do is to continue emergency feeding if needed.   

Hopefully  March should provide us with a few days when the temperature will rise to 50 degrees or higher. At this temperature, we can look in the hive and pull out a few frames. We need to keep in mind that since there is not a heavy nectar flow, and since it is cooler, the bees might be a bit more aggressive. It is interesting to note that Beekeepers are stung more during these cold inspections than the rest of the year!
  As mentioned in last Newsletter, we are still looking for volunteers to help - please do check with Chris or Brian who are willing to provide you with more information.

The Bee Whisperer

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